How To Care for A Pet Rabbit

Have you ever wanted a pet rabbit? Rabbits are make great companions and can be found in many animal shelters. However, it’s important to know their needs before you bring one home. Never adopt a pet before doing research one what they need.

Special Care for Rabbits

If you want a pet rabbit, know that their behaviors are often different from a cat or dog’s behavior. They may not show you if they are in pain and they may or may not greet you. You have to provide them a home that is safe. This means you have to commit to their safety. Be sure they see a veterinarian and get them spayed/neutered before their show signs of aggression or begin spraying urine to mark their territory.

Make sure your rabbit has a cage that is much bigger than its size. This gives them lots of room to move. Make sure wired cages have a cardboard floor. Add a cardboard box for them to hide in. You want to give them their privacy and keep them in a cool but comfortable room.

Make sure your pet rabbit has a diet consisting of timothy grass hay along with leafy green vegetables and pellet feed. Do not give them iceberg lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes. Change their water each day so it remains fresh. If you have further questions, consult with a veterinarian.

Litter Training For A Pet Rabbit

Rabbits can be litter trained but most often, they will go where they are comfortable. Be sure you use newspapers to line their “litter boxes”. Clean them often so they will continue to use them. Until they are trained, keep them in a secluded area. Once this is done, give them more freedom but keep several litter boxes handy.

Exercise and Grooming for A Pet Rabbit

It’s important to give rabbits paper and cardboard to chew on because it helps to promote good oral health and keep their teeth from overgrowing. You can use toilet paper rolls for them to chew on. Be sure there are not dangerous items for them to chew on. Whenever they are roaming around, keep an eye on them so they do not chew on power cords or plants.

Rabbits tend to shed about four times a year. For that reason, they need to be constantly groomed. Keep their hair short and remove loose fur so they have little chance of getting hairballs.

Handling Your Pet Rabbit

Keep in mind that most pet rabbits do not like being picked up. That means come up on your rabbit slowly and stroke them on their head. If they struggle when you pick them up, put them back down. They can get injured when they thrash about. Never pick them up by their ears. Instead, pick them up carefully from the front and back ends.

As long as you pay attention to their needs, a pet rabbit can be an enjoyable experience.

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