Dog Emotions: How To Tell When They are Happy, Sad and More

Just like their human counterparts, cats and dogs do have emotions. While it may seem like a foreign concept to humans, they do have feelings. So if you own an animal, you should keep a few things in mind about their emotions.

How To Tell A Dog’s Emotions

Happy Emotion

It may not seem like pets have emotions. However, people are beginning to understand that pets do show their emotions just differently from humans. If you have a pet and are aware of their emotions, you know their feeling can be multifaceted. How they react will vary based upon specific scenarios. For instance, if you have a dog, you’ll notice their ears will rise up when they are happy. Another way to tell they are happy… a wagging tail.

Angry Emotion

Have you ever seen a dog angry? You may notice the dog acting strangely when he is upset. There are several signs for humans to figure out a dog is angry. For instance, the dog may show their teeth at you. This is done in response to being afraid or being angry. This is considered a defensive pose. A dog’s muscles may get very stiff and the tail will lower to the ground. When the tail is lowered, it looks as if the dog is being submissive. However, the will utilize its defensive pose to look more aggressive. By seeing this, you’ll know if your pup is upset.

Sad or Depressed Emotion

However, should you pup feel sad or upset, they may choose to show it in several ways. They may want to be secluded away from everyone. They may not want to play with any other pet that lives inside the home. Sometimes, if a dog is depressed, their ears won’t perk up even when someone enters their room. Even though dogs don’t cry, they do show their owners how they feel inside. They can be depressed for any number of reasons such as owner loss, no interaction with the owner, loss of playmate or tension within the family.

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