Spiders: Little Less Known Facts About These Buggy Insects

Many people fear spiders, no matter if they are poisonous or not. Some are afraid of being bitten. It’s a natural and common fear. However, there are some things you need to know about spiders.

Spider Roots – Where did the word spider come from? Spiders came from the Old English verb spinnan. It means, “to spin”. Spiders will use the claws at each leg base along with the hairs to walk along the web without ever sticking to it.

Spider Eyes – A spider’s eyes are simple but underdeveloped. For that reasons, spiders make use of vibrations to find out what is going on in their web. They will also feel by the tactile receptors on their body. They are sensitive to many things including: touch, airflow and vibration.

Spider Bodies – A spider is an arthropod. This means their body is their skeleton. It helps to sustain moisture so it will not dry out.

Spider Foods – When spiders eat their food, they digest the food on the outside. Once the prey has been captured, spiders will discharge digestive enzymes from the intestinal tract, which is then coated onto the prey. Once on the prey’s body, it becomes like liquid, which the spider can then suck.

Tarantulas are not poisonous. While the bite is painful, it’s not a dangerous spider.

You may be surprised to learn that a daddy long legs is not a spider. There is no waist, its legs are long and thin and it’s body hangs low unlike a spider.

Spiders have spinnerets that are located near its rear. Using its legs, the spider will pull the liquid silk it creates from the spinnerets. As the silk stretches, it hardens. Before creating a new web, the spider will eat its old web. Why? Silk has protein it needs.

While most spiders spin webs, some others do not. The silk they have can be used in different ways such as protecting an egg sac. Tarantulas will use the silk to line the burrows.

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