Procreation: Do you spay/neuter your animal?

One of the best friends you can find in this world is a four-legged dog, cat, etc. They provide a lasting companionship and can be a great sense of joy. However, with this joy comes the responsibility of taking care of it. That means you have to make vital choices pertinent to their health and safety. One such choice is whether you should spay or neuter your animal.

Meaning of Spaying/Neutering

Do you know what it actually means to spay or neuter your animal? Neutering means you remove the reproductive organs whether the animal is female or male. However, neutering is usually termed for males, whose the testicles are removed. Spaying is referred to female animals where their ovaries are surgically removed.

Spaying/Neutering: A Healthy Choice

Happy Males - If you have a male animal and decide to neuter him, you reduce his chances of getting prostate or testicular cancer. Neutering reduces, by a big margin, perineal hernias as well as penile tumors. Once neutered, your pet’s anxiety and stress levels are lowered.

Happy Females – The risk you have with females not being spayed is pregnancy as well as complications that occur from it. Spaying is often preferred because of the rise of animals being abandoned with unwanted female pregnancies. You also ward of male animals who tend to find female animals in heat.

Spaying/Neutering: A Happy Choice for All

Neutering your male animal also alters their behavior. They are less likely to mark their territory, which helps to keep your home from smelling like pee. You also reduce their aggression with neutering.

Dogs that have been neutered early in age won’t wander off to find a female pup in heat. Why is this important? Dogs that wander off are often victims of road kill. They are more likely to get hit by a car.

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