Having a Pet Persian Cat

From the many kinds of cats, the luxurious fur and the majesty with which they carry themselves make Persian cats a popular choice for cat-lovers.

‘Persian’ History

Roman and Phoenician caravans traveling to Europe played home to the distant progenitors of today’s Persian. Europe saw them for the first time in late 1500s; they were brought from Turkey and Persia to its shores. These then evolved into the Persians and Angoras which are now so widely-known.

Persians made their debut in North America in the last 1800s and quickly became the hot favorite amongst cat enthusiasts. They were already widely admired in the British Isles; in the first London Crystal Palace cat-show they made the highest number of appearances from any breed.

Is Your Cat a Persian?

Their long, rich fur makes Persians easily stand out. Their fur is thick and lustrous; this enables it to stand erect and lends a nice rounded shape to their bodies. Contrary to the common misconception that Persians only have white fur, they can take on many different hues and colors.

Facial characteristics are another thing that sets Persians apart from other breeds. While there are two distinct facial types, petite, rounded ears – found quite low on either side of the cat’s head – are common to both. Large eyes, clear-cut chins and filled-out cheeks are some other dominating features of Persians. The overall impression of some face-types is of flatness. These will have the nose set almost in the middle of the cat’s eyes.

Knowing Your Cat

Persians are mild-mannered, gentle cats who prefer a nice, cozy lap, and love being coddled and played around with by their owners – at least for a little while. As compared to other cats, they are quite lazy. While they can be committed pets, they crave a lot of attention; this is hardly an issue for most pet owners. However, proper grooming is another matter entirely!

Caring For Your Persian Cat

Persian cats have long, beautiful fur which can grow to a length of 8 inches; if not handled in the right way, this can clump into knots and become quite a nuisance. To circumvent the fur forming tight mats and the need for these to be shaved off, grooming your Persian for about 15 minutes daily and performing a meticulous groom weekly is essential; the owner simply cannot afford to neglect the pet’s fur.

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