Caring For Your New Pet Ferret

If you’re considering buying a ferret as a new pet, keep in mind they require some effort.

There are several key things you should keep in mind when caring for your new pet ferret, and here’s a list of the most important tips.

Picking a cage

Your ferret will need a good cage, which you will use to keep him in while you are not able to directly watch him. Letting the ferret run around without supervision is not a good idea.

Find a cage that includes a litter box, which you can train your new pet to use, and find some good toys to keep him occupied.

Ferrets are so quick and sneaky, letting them run around without your immediate supervision can lead to a disaster. They are able to crawl between couch cushions, which you might accidentally sit on. They might escape from your home through an open window.

Make your ferret happier by letting it out of its cage for several hours daily to get some exercise.

Keep your ferret healthy by feeding it a meat-rich diet. You’ll need to find food that contains this high percentage of meat from a good pet store. Feeding your new pet table scraps only will lead to health problems.

One thing you should know about ferrets before you take one home is that they have a naturally musky odor. Some ferrets have their scent glands removed but you still will smell some of the odor on them. So, be sure that you’ll be able to live with that odor each day.

Contact your local veterinarian to be sure they can care for ferrets. They require annual vaccinations. Be sure to come home with your ferret’s health records when you buy it.

Buying a good pet book about ferrets also wouldn’t hurt. It might offer good tips for day to day care.

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