Pet Ear Mite Extinction

Have you been watching your pet scratch around his/her neck or ears? If so then we highly recommend you checking into ear mites. Those ear mites are pretty common in both dogs and cats but even though they are common they can still be pretty painful and very irritating. Within this article we are going to be talking about ear mites and how to get rid of those pesky things so that your pet can be healthy once again.

Are you wondering what ear mites are? Ear Mites are those tiny parasites that like to get on your dog or your cat. When they are on your dog or cat they take cover and make their home right inside your pets ear canal. That sound aggravating doesn’t it? If you do not treat the ear mites properly then it can cause yeast infections along with bacterial infections. This in terms will cause some pretty bad damage to your pets ear drums causing them to rupture which will cause seizures and deafness.

We know what you are wondering, you are wondering if ear mites can be passed on from your pets to humans and the answer to that is no. You should know that the pets can pass the ear mites to other animals though. This means you should treat your pet right away, not just to keep him or her healthy but to make sure the other animals do not get the ear mites.

When it comes to recognizing ear mite infections in your pet you should know that it can be a pretty easy task to do. Apart from seeing your pet scratch at his neck and ears you will also see him or her shake their head a lot. You will also notice a pretty bad odor coming from those ears. Ear mites are pretty hard to see but if you see a crusty type thing in your pets ears that is black or brown in color then that may be another sign. This is not ear mites but this is actually the dried blood and feces that the ear mites have left behind.

When it comes to treating your pet for ear mites you should know that it is pretty easy to do. You can start with taking a cotton swap and some alcohol and cleaning out your pets ears. In some cases this is all you will have to do to clean out the ear mites from the pets ears but in other cases you will actually have to take your pet to the vet to get some ear mite medication prescribed. We cannot stress just how important it is to treat your pets ear mites. These ear mites can cause damage to your pets ears.

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