How to Detect Tropical Fish Disease Before Its Too Late

Tropical fish just as any other kind of animal and living being can get sick and suffer from disease. There are ways to tell if your fish is suffering from a tropical fish disease and treat it before it is too late.

The Five Most Common Signs of Fish Disease Include:
There is excessive mucus on the scales of the fish, or white spots. But some kinds of fish have mucus on their scales to protect them, so if in doubt ask a professional. Not all mucus is a sign of disease, but it could be.
If your fish has bright eyes, he is most likely healthy. If the eyes look cloud or nontransparent, you need to find out if it is sick. Healthy fish always have clear looking eyes.
If your tropical fish has fungus on it, it could be an indicator of fish disease. Make sure you check over the dorsal fin as well, sick fish tend to fold the dorsal fin down, and healthy fish do not.
If your fish is not swimming or moving around at all in your tank, it might be an indicator of tropical fish disease. Fish should also be swimming in different areas of the tank, not just at the top or the bottom.
If you do not keep your tank clean and the water clear, tropical fish disease can spread from one fish to another fish. If the tank becomes dirty and cloudy, you may have some sick fish.

Although these are good indicators if your fish is suffering from tropical fish disease, if you feel that one of your fish is infected, you should remove it from the tank and separate it from the rest so that it will not spread the disease to the others.

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