So Mr. Rabbit, What Will You Be Eating For Supper?

If you have ever had a rabbit before then you know that there are needs and responsibilities you will have while having a rabbit. The main one you should focus on is what diet you need to feed him or her. Making sure the rabbit has its Diet is one easy thing to do. If you are the one that will be giving Mr. Rabbit his or her food you should know that there is a pretty big range of food you can feed your rabbit. A pellet is one of the main foods to give the rabbit the he other food your rabbit can enjoy is the fruits and vegetables.

Getting Rabbit pellets for your rabbit isn’t that hard because you can find them in nearly every department store today. If you are into the Internet then the Internet is another place you can purchase rabbit pellets. Pellets are known for making the feeding a lot more easier for you or child. Feeding a rabbit will teach the child some responsibility and that is what they need. There are many different types of veggies and hay out there that will provide the rabbit with the right types of nutrients. When you are feeding your rabbit just pellets you should make sure you feed him or her vegetables as well.

The type of pellets is something you need to choose in order to assure the rabbits health, you should choose the pellets that have the most nutrients in it. The amount per day to feed your rabbit is twice a day to make sure he doesn’t eat too much. When you feed your rabbit you should make sure you feed your rabbit the same time everyday because rabbits get used to eating at the same time. The same time you feed your dogs and cats should be the same time you feed your rabbit. When you feed your rabbit you should make sure the pellets are fresh. When you buy the small bags you will be keeping your rabbit food fresh. You should know that rabbits are very picky eaters so keeping the fresh is something to make sure off.

Feeding your rabbits veggies is something to look into. Feeding them vegetables is something that that veterinarians recommend to make them a healthy rabbit. There are all kinds of vegetables that you can feed them like Carrots and Celery. They love carrots and celery along with many other veggies that they can have. Green peppers is something you can feed your rabbit along with radishes. If you over feed your rabbit too many veggies will end up hurting them may even cause death.

Feeding your rabbits vegetables that have a lot of water in them can cause diarrhea. So avoid regular lettuce and watermelon because they contain too much water. Giving the veggies to your rabbit might make him not want his pellets. You may want to consider giving your rabbit vegetables as a treat because this will help them with not wanting them more then the pellets. Looking into giving your rabbit fruits is something that will help his or her diet also. You will need to make sure you give the rabbit fresh fruits because canned fruits have added sugar and other stuff they can not have.

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