How to Train and Handle an African Grey

The most popular talking bird is the African Grey, which can develop a vocabulary of about 2,000 words and is as smart as a small child.

Many bird owners appreciate the African Grey because the words it speaks are more clear and understandable than with other varieties of talking birds. Also, among birds, it is considered very intelligent.

Training the African Grey is a challenge, especially for first-time bird owners. It is a sociable bird and very curious, requiring much attention and a strict training regimen. This is required if you want it to become the pleasant pet you desire.

A good, and sometimes bad, quality of the bird is its ability to learn sounds very quickly. It will mimic anything it hears you say around the house and may even copy sounds of machines, like phones and oven timers. If you’re not careful, it even will copy the ring of your phone.

At first, the bird will be shy around strangers and it is best to let it get used to your friends and family members slowly, over time. Later, after it is more comfortable with them, it will be friendlier and more open with them.

The bird also has a fun side and enjoys toys, but not too many at once. Bring out a toy and let the African Grey get used to that one toy. Then, introduce other toys later.

When your bird listens and follows directions, reinforce the behavior. Food is a great reward during training. You can learn what food your bird likes most by inspecting his food tray. Watch for the food that disappears first. That’s what you should use during training.

Spend time with your bird daily, talking to it and letting it become accustomed to your voice. Allow it to come outside of its cage and get to know you and trust you. A good time to do this is during feeding.

Persistence and patience is the key to success with your African Grey. Soon, the bird will sense that it belongs to you and you will feel as if it is part of your family, too.

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Training and handling an African Grey seems very hard but your excellent information about them can really help people to train their African Grey's in a few days.