Keeping Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches As Pets

If you have been looking for some information on Madagascar hissing cockroaches then you have come to the right article. We would like for you to know that the Madagascar hissing cockroaches are from the island called Madagascar. Have you ever thought about having a cockroach as a pet? Well many people do have cockroaches as pets and the Madagascar hissing cockroach just so happens to be a popular pet.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches go by many different names. You will hear them called hissers, hisser or hissing roach. You may even hear them called by their scientific name, which is Gromphadorhina portentosa. The Madagascar hissing cockroaches are wingless. We would also like for you to know that they are great when it comes to climbing. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are known to be able to climb plastic or even glass.

Would you like to know what age the hissing cockroach matures at? Generally the Madagascar hissing cockroach will start to mature when they are around three to six months. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are known for living in captivity as pets for about five years. Have you ever wondered how the hissing cockroaches hiss? They hiss by extruding the air out of their valves abdomen. Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss in order to chase away their predators.
If you are trying to sex your Madagascar hissing cockroach you will find this easy to do. If you have a male Madagascar hissing cockroach you will find it’s head will have horns on it and he will also have an antennae that is heavier. When the cockroach is young it is hard to tell them apart because the males produce the horns when they get older.

If you are looking to breed your Madagascar hissing cockroach you should be delighted to know this is easy as well. You should make sure you keep them in a dark environment that is moist. Also make sure they are getting lots of food and are warm. You will need to keep them in a temperature that is 85 to 89 degrees. Everything about hissing cockroaches is easy, even the care. You will need to make sure you have your hissing cockroach in something that is big enough for them. You should also make sure they have some bark in their cage. A great idea for a hide place for the hissing cockroach would be an egg crate. Hissing cockroaches are great climbers so we highly recommend you putting about two inches of Vaseline on the edges of the cage. The Vaseline will stop them from climbing.

You can either feed them fruits and vegetable or you can use cricket feed. Hissing cockroaches are known for liking carrots, yellow squash, apples and oranges. For the water you can simply mist the substrate in the cage a few times a week. You can also keep slices of oranges in their cage and they will take the water out of them. If you look in the cage one day and you see your hissing cockroaches are biting on each other this may be a sign of lack of protein. You should give your hissing cockroach eggshells, cat food, cricket food or even dog food because these are great sources of protein.


Unknown said...

I have one, and the writer is very correct. Easy to take care of. Also, it almost tickles when they crawl on your arm! Great pet!

S said...

Ya,they're very nice pets and very understanding as well