Owning a Tiger is Complicated

Some people just dream of one day owning a tiger and keeping it as a pet in their home.

If this includes you, do a little research first and read about the complex issues involved in raising a tiger before you let one in your home.

The issues involved in owning a tiger are many and complicated. They include:

Denial is a common issue for pet owners and is rooted in the deep attachment one develops for the pet. But that same attachment can become detrimental. Having a pet that you care for and develop strong feelings for is OK, but you have to draw a line in that relationship.

Size will become an issue for owners of tigers and other large cats. When you first buy your cub, you might forget that one day that cute, little animal will grow, and grow some more.

This ultimately becomes expensive as you’ll have to feed the large animal to ensure that it is properly fed. This will involve mass amounts of food.

You’ll also have to buy a large cage for your tiger.

Remember that a large tiger also is a strong tiger. Taking the animal for a short walk might become a large chore for the owner of a tiger. If you’re unable to maintain control of the animal, then it is a safety concern.

Also as your pet tiger grows, it will naturally become more aggressive, meaning the tiger owner will have to be more aware of potential threats to his safety. If this occurs, the tiger might be kept more in its cage, which is not a healthy life.

Finally, be sure the presence of a tiger in your home will not cause resentment or fear among your neighbors. Be sure you’re able to make them satisfied that the tiger will not endanger them or their children.


Anonymous said...

I've been considering buying a tiger. Do you think that if I give him his own room in my 2 bedroom flat that would be ok in lieu of a cage? I have a park over the road and I figure with a metal leash I can take him for a walk an hour every morning and night and that's more than he'll need.

Saman said...

Buying a tiger is a tough job.I have friends that own a pair of tigers and a lion.
Cubs/babies can pe put into a room and later taken for walks but as they grow,its better to keep them in a big cage rather than leave em open.
Their natural instinct is hunting and to avoid any accidents it is better to take precaution.
Secondly,people would not like to see a grown tiger taken to walk in a park or even on the road.Safety issues can arise as tigers have alot of power.
My opinion,build a big cage and take them out everyday for a walkk but make sure you can handle them as well as your neighbors are ok with a tiger.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to feed a tiger on say tins of felix cat food? I've seen that Morrisons supermarket have a special offer on 24 tins of felix cat food for the price of 20 and it would be a lot cheaper than feeding raw meat as steak is so expensive now (over £6 for a small piece.

Saman said...

Well,i dont know if it will have all the nurtients for a tiger as it is specially for small cats.You should ask you vet regarding this.Even if you feed him felix cat food,they have a big appetite and that would cost you nearly the same.
Ask you vet for the best opinion.Baby tigers can be fed felix cat food along with the proper vitamins and other nutrients they need.