Reasons Cats Lose Their Hair

Cats can lose hair for a variety of reasons and in most instances the cause is simple.

In most cases, the trigger is an allergic reaction to food or even poor nutrition. And, if so, the good news is you can combat the hair loss by altering your cat’s diet.

The solution might be changing brands of food, or switching from canned food to dry food. It might be a type of food, like fish-based food, that you need to avoid. So, finding the solution might take a little time and effort, but in the end, you’ll notice the differences in your cat. The solution will be obvious and worthwhile to make your cat more comfortable.

Sometimes, the simple solutions don’t work. This is a signal that their might be a more serious problem. There are conditions and illnesses that also cause hair loss in cats and they can be treated if caught and tended to.

Hyperthyroidism is a common ailment among cats and the primary symptom is losing hair. Cats with this condition also might show weight loss, eating too much, become overly thirsty, lose weight or become negligent with their grooming. Luckily, there is medication for cats to help battle hyperthyroidism.

Don’t confuse hyperthyroidism with hypothyroidism. They look and sound the same, but hypothyroidism is the name given for a hormone imbalance in casts. This also causes them to lose their fur and even groom excessively.

Cats with this disorder often lick all the time and even bite their skin. Sometimes, you’ll notice clumps of fur from the licking and biting that has fallen out. Cats with hypothyroidism also tend to have very dry skin.

The condition is somewhat rare and most often appears in older cats. To treat it, see your veterinarian immediately and follow his advice.


Anonymous said...

My cat (3 mos. old) is losing hair on her head and neck so I don't think she is pulling it out. We found her about a month ago and I didn't notice a problem then. The bare patches are not inflamed at all, just bare.

I feed her the same dry kibble I feed the outdoor cats but am not letter her outdoors until she is bigger and more street-farm wise.

S said...

My cat lost chunks of hair and then there was this bald patch.The vet said it could be a start to ringworm or some fungal infection so we gave him so anti fungal tablets for 21 days.The bald patch got the hair back and he is healthy.
Take him to the vet