Choosing a Turtle as a Pet

When it comes to choosing a pet for your family, there are a lot of things to consider. How much time you and your family will have to devote to the pet, how much time and money the pet will cost, what you can do with it when you are out of town and many other issues that need to be considered. A lot of people are finding that having a pet turtle for their family is a great idea.

One of the biggest reasons that a pet turtle is great for children is that it does not require as much time and attention as other pets, especially pets such as dogs. But although they do not require as much time and attention there are other things that you should consider. One major thing to consider when thinking about getting a pet turtle is that they have a long life expectancy of up to 25 years. Be sure that you are willing and that your children will be willing to have a pet that long.

Also, children may get bored with a pet turtle because they are not known to have a lot of interaction with people. If your family is looking for a pet that they can play with outside, take for walks and that will greet them when they come home, you may want to consider another type of pet.

Turtles can also be disease-spreading animals. Salmonella in particular is a concern with having a pet turtle in the house. Anytime after someone has touched or handled the turtle, they should wash their hands right away. When it comes to setting up an environment for the pet turtle, you will need a cage, bedding and food, water and vitamins. You will need to make arrangements for someone to care for your turtle if you are going to be out of town, as they require daily maintenance.

All in all, having a pet turtle can be rewarding as long as you aware of the commitment it takes.

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