Toilet Training Your Cat

If you are like most cat owners, you love your cat but dread cleaning out the litter box. If you do, you may want to consider training your cat to use the toilet instead. It sounds a little bit out there, but it is possible. If you hate cleaning the litter and dislike the way it makes your house smell, you may want to try toilet training your cat.

When you are ready to start toilet training your cat to use the toilet, you need to keep in mind that it does require patience and may take a while for your cat to learn how. You also need to make sure that the toilet lid is left up and that the toilet seat is down. This will help ensure that your cat can use the proper position to use the toilet. Remember to keep your bathroom door open when it is not in use, as this will encourage your cat to come in and use the toilet.

Move the litter box to the bathroom and place it on the floor on either side of the toilet. Make sure your cats are aware of the move in the litter box and get used to it in the new place before you move on to using the toilet. Once they are used to the new little box place, start raising it up off of the ground. Gradually raise the height of the litter box until it is the same height as the toilet.

Once your cat is accustomed to the height of the litter box, you can start the toilet training of your cat. Take a metal bowl and fill it with cat litter. Place the bowl inside of the toilet. Train your cat until he is comfortable with having all four paws on the toilet when using the litter inside of the toilet. After your cat is comfortable with using the toilet this way, slowly reduce the amount of litter in the bowl until there is none. Fill the bowl with water, and when you cat is used to that remove the bowl completely. Your cat is now using the toilet!

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