The Love from a Pet is Unconditional and Sometimes Downright Amazing

The love from your pet to you can hardly be matched. Provided you return that affection honestly, and they will know if you aren't for real, the love and loyalty you will receive from your pet will grow into an awesome thing. You may never get to see just how much your pet favors you excepts through normal acts of affection, like your dog licking your face of your cat purring when you hold him. However, there have been reported acts of bravery and courage from someone's pet during a crisis or time of need that can't be matched by humans.

There have reported incidents of animals saving their owner's lives on the news and on animal channels. The selfless acts these animals have done is just evidence to prove their love and loyalty to us as caring owners. To them, even when they have performed an extraordinary heroic act, they are just doing their duty to return our love to us. If you love an animal truly and give it the best care you possibly can, you will be rewarded by that animal in some kind of way.

Movies have been made on the concept of an animal's loyalty to the people in his life who have cared and loved him no matter what they had had to do. Lassie is one of the most famous of these and so is Benji. The movie Homeward Bound is another. In all these, the animal is exhibiting only his love for the humans who loved him.

The most amazing acts of selflessness from an animal are the rescues they have successfully pulled off. One woman was reported being saved from a certain death in a house fire by her pet ferret. He was up on her chest and making all kinds of noises and touching her face until she woke up to realize she had drifted with food cooking on the stove. Or what about the man whose Rottweiler wouldn't let him go hiking by sitting steadfastly and not moving from in front his house door. For his dog this was totally out of character because she was always ready to go whenever he grabbed her leash. However, this day she would not budge or let him through the door. He was puzzled and was worried she was not up to going out because there was something wrong with her. Much to his surprise, when he went to hang back her leash, he had a major stroke. As if what his dog had done hadn't been amazing enough, she went on to prove herself even more so by dragging the phone to him to call 911. This dog had never had any formal rescue or therapeutic training. Her acts were out of a keen instinct that just something wasn't right and the love and loyalty she held for master.
We get what we give, especially when it comes to animals. We are fortunate to have them as our friends and companions.

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