What to Do When You Bring Home A New Cat

A cat in a new environment can be tricky. Everything from the dog barking to the television playing too loud is going to frighten a cat whose just come to your home. Bringing a new pet home is always a stress on the animal, but a cat seems to take this stress to heart. If you are going to be getting a cat, take a few precautions when you bring him home.

One of the first things to remember when taking home a new cat is either use a pet carrier to bring him home in. This will first of all ensure a safe ride home for you and your cat, and it will make the transition from the car into your house a lot easier. Once you do get your cat in the house, remember a car ride was probably scary for him. Let him relax in a quiet spot inside the carrier for a few minutes before you bring him out. Use precaution because no matter how sweet natured a cat may be, in a stressful situation, he is going to hang for dear with those claws. A good idea would be to lightly wrap a towel around and hug him to you, gently talking to him all the while.

Once out, your new cat's first instinct is going to be to explore his new surroundings. Depending on the personality of the cat, and can these ever be varied, this will be the most important part for you and your new arrival. Some cats are laid back and seem to be able to deal with anything while others are frightened easily. This depends on what the cat has previously been exposed to. No matter which kind of cat you think you have, take a little time to make his homecoming the best possible.

Put up your other pets for your new cat's arrival. The scent of the other animals is going to enough to stress him out, much less having Fido jumping and barking at him when he first comes in the door. This will make for a cat who first place in your new home will be under your bed and couch. Provide a quiet environment for when you bring him home. This is going to make all the difference in the world to you and your cat's new relationship together.

When you arrange to bring your cat home, try to make sure you're going to have enough time to spend with him getting used to things. Don't bring him home and then leave to go to work. Sit down with him and pet him, and talk to him for a bit before letting him loose. Make sure the spot you choose to sit with him has a food and water bowl already prepared and close by. When he does get freedom, just let him slowly poke around and get used to things. Don't fret if he doesn't eat right off. He will, just give him time.

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