Things to Keep in Mind Before You Bring Your New Pet Snake Home

As the popularity of having snakes as pets increases, more and more people are considering have one of the reptiles as their family pet. There is a lot more information and instruction on how to care for snakes that is available for new owners now versus a few years ago, which may be one of the reasons that they are increasing in popularity.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to bring your new pet snake home:

Make sure you know the state laws regarding what kind of reptiles you can keep in your home.

Each state has their own regulations on what is allowable for reptiles as pets.

Make a list of a few breeders of the kind of pet snake that you want. Research them and find one that has captive-bred snakes instead of wild caught snakes; this will help ensure that they are healthier.

Check out reptile shows in your area – these are a great place to find specimen-bred snakes.

Contact the different breeders to see which reptile shows that they will be attending in your area, the availability of the snake you want and various other information such as shipping procedures.

Go online to research and get information on how to care for your pet snake, and to find the best kind that will make a good pet. There are a lot of resources on the web as well as books that offer great information on choosing a snake.

Prepare the habitat that you will have for your snake including the cage, heat and lighting.

Get the food supply ready for your snake – either frozen rodents or live rodents.

Bring home your new snake and make sure that the temperature and humidity are right in the cage.

If you are prepared and keep doing your research, you will find that having a pet snake is a great match.

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