Exotic Pets Have Something to Offer for Alternative Companionship

Most people prefer the idea of furry, cuddly pets to cuddle up and pet. But cats and dogs are not the only pets available, nor are they right for everyone. There are a lot of other interesting animals that can make great pets.

Insects and spiders are not only fascinating to watch, but they are also clean, quiet pets that do not require a lot of attention, care or room. But before you decide to opt for one for these multi-legged friends, there are some things to consider.

If you are only wanting insects and spiders for pets because they look cool, or sound cool to own, that is not necessarily the right reason. They deserve the same level of commitment as any other pet, and should be given the same amount of thought before purchasing.

If you decide you are willing to commit to owning insects or spiders, here are some tips to choosing the right one. First, if insects and spiders are what you have decided to purchase, you should choose a species that is not dangerous, and also does not require extreme delicacy when handling. Some tarantulas are acceptable for pets and some are not at all venomous or dangerous.

In addition to choosing the right kind of spiders and insects, you should also always do the following to make sure you are doing the right thing and can provide a good habitat for your new pet:
Find out what kind of care they require. Make sure you know what kind of housing, supplies and food are needed for your insects and spiders.
Check with your local animal control services or government agencies to make sure the kind of spiders and insects you want to purchase are allowed and fully legal in your area.
Find out the life span of your insects and spiders before deciding on a particular one. Know that some species of tarantulas are capable of living for up to 30 years.
Find out the proper handling techniques for your new pet. Spiders and insects need to be handled carefully and to keep your family and the pets safe, make sure you get instructions before you take them home.
If you have doubts on a particular kind of insect or spiders, make sure you do enough research and get the information and answers you need prior to making your selection. If you make the right choice, you can have a happy relationship with your new insects and spide


Anonymous said...

That was a good post, Saman!

Spiders as pets! Wow!!!

But, am sure it's not my kind :-)

May be more articles on your site may, dowm the lane, make me change my mind.... :-)

Keep blogging!

Saman said...

Thanks Vikram,i have also published a safety article for all pet owners.What should be done IF bitten by an animal.