What Kind of Dog is Best for you – Pure Breed, Designer Breed or Mixed Breed

There are a lot of different kinds of dogs out there to choose from. Finding the right one for your family can be a difficult choice. Choosing a designer or pure bred dog can be beneficial if you are looking for specific qualities in the dog that are specific to a breed. But there are things to keep in mind when choosing a full bred or designer bred dog. You may find a breed that is great with kids and loves to play, but that dog may also hate to be alone and needs to constantly be around people. That would be great if you have kids, but if your family is gone all day and the house is empty, that dog may not be the best choice for you.

Some people tend to lean toward dogs that are mixed breeds. They can find qualities of one breed of dog and another, without having to take the bad and good of a full bred dog and pay the large price tag that usually accompanies them. Mixed breeds are usually calmer around children and adapt better to family life. They are also typically less prone to develop certain health problems that are specific to a certain breed.

So what exactly is a designer dog? Designer dogs are bred on purpose to create a specific kind of dog. A lot of research goes into this, and the combinations of dogs being bred is carefully thought out. The lure of designer dogs is the thought that you can have a dog that is great with kids, doesn’t shed and is ok to leave alone for a day. The idea behind this sounds great, but it doesn’t always work like planned, and a lot of people disagree with the ethics behind it, stating that it just a way to create a very expensive mixed bred dog. The question of whether or not this is an ethical action has also been addressed.

Whatever your feelings are on full bred, mixed bred and designer dogs, you should always do your research on what kind of dog is best for your situation and family. Sometimes it is possible to find a full-bred dog that can be a good fit your family, but sometimes that is achieved easier through finding a mixed bred dog that fits in nicely with your family.

Some people prefer the mixed bred dogs also, because they are often the ones you see in the pound or that need adopting. If you are interested in adopting one of these kinds of dogs, check with your local humane society or animal shelter, you are sure to find a friendly companion that will make him and your family very happy.

No matter what you choose from mixed breed to full breed or even a designer breed, as long as your love your dog and train it well, it will be a very happy addition to your family.

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