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Hey All,

I am Saman from Lahore, Pakistan. I am CEO of my own online copywriting agency MS Copywriters. You can check it by visiting http://www.mscopywriters.com/ for further details. However, this blog is not about copywriting; it is about my other interest, craze, habit or whatever you call it in your own world, "PETS". I've been raising cats and birds since I was a child. Being a huge pet lover all my life, I know each and every minor or major detail regarding all breeds of cats, birds and parrots. In my opinion, my pets are not just animals or birds, they are part of my family or as I say to my friends and sisters, part of the "Rashid Household". Enthusiastic as I am, I always took great interest in the "pet" lives of my family and I'm well acquainted with all sorts of dog problems too.

I tried keeping a dog when I was young but due to some problems, I could not keep him. I'm in complete LOVE with my cats and birds and I look forward sharing my personal experiences as well as helping others to solve their problems and queries.

I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing from all you pet lovers. Comment on my posts and share your experiences.

Thank you and keep reading.
Saman Rashid

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