Know the Early Signs of Cat Disease

Unlike their human counterparts, cats are not able to tell us when they are not feeling well. Sometimes, we may simply think our furry companions are just acting a little different, but they may be trying to tell us something. Knowing how to detect warning signs in you cat early on can help diagnose a potentially serious problem.

We love our pets, and they rely solely on us to take care of them. Sometimes they may be trying to tell us that they are sick, but we don’t notice small little changes that can build over time until it is too late and they are truly sick. To help care for your cat and catch something before it turns serious, there are a few things you need to know.

First, look for any changes in their behavior. Just like humans, cats have different personalities and moods. If your cat is usually friendly and suddenly seems to be withdrawn and moody, there could be a problem. If a cat always wants to be with you and be petted and suddenly is hiding or does not want to be touched, it could be a sign of a serious illness.

For instance, if you notice that your cat is suddenly drinking more often and always is thirsty, it may be an early sign of feline diabetes. It doesn’t mean that there is a serious problem, but it could be an indicator. Another thing to watch out for is a change in your cat’s appearance. If she is normally independent and spends a lot of time alone, and is suddenly around you, it could be a warning sign.

Changes in her coat such as dullness, excessive hair loss, or dry and course hair could also be signs of illness. Changes in her appetite and elimination habits are big things to keep an eye on. You may mistakenly assume that your cat is sick of her food, but in fact she could be exhibiting signs of a more serious problem. Always be aware of your cat’s litter box habits. If there is the presence of mucous or blood in the urine or stool, it is a good idea to get her checked out right away.

While some changes in your cat’s behavior and mood can be normal, if they are ignored they could turn into something serious in a short amount of time, take time to notice your cat’s behavior and call your vet if you are suspicious of something wrong. You love your pet, help her stay healthy.

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