Can This Parrot Be Your Perfect Pet – The Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw parrot is one of the most beautiful and the most intelligent bird amongst all birds that are found in our nature. A special kind of pet keeper is needed to provide the right kind of care to them. Do you think you can take the challenge of raising this amazing parrot?

The Scarlet Macaw is truly a brilliant sight to lay your eyes on. He is striking scarlet red in color, with blue and yellow feathers mixed in his wings and tail. There is a characteristic white patch around his eyes. He can be up to 36 inches (3 feet long), including his tail and therefore he requires a very huge cage.

Parrot Cages:

Parrot cages are quite expensive. They should be at least 3 feet x 3 feet x 6 feet and made of long-lasting, durable, unrouged metal. This will enable them to stretch their wings to full span, which is very essential for their good health and well-being.

For sanitary and health reasons, the cage needs to be cleaned at least once a week, which can prove to be a challenge in itself. It’s not that easy as it seems. But over time you'll get used to it.A large perch is usually attached on the outside of the cage. This allows them to spend their time outside their cage during the day.

You need to provide your parrot, a variety of toys to play and chew on for maintaining the parrots’ beak and for effective mental stimulation.

Human Interaction

Scarlet Macaws have high levels of intellect and involve a good deal of human attention every day. If they don't get adequate attention, problems may arise. They tend to suffer from depression and they often nervously chew off their feathers and skin. Also, sometimes they engage themselves in constant squalling, and assail anyone who approaches them.

If no one’s present at home during the day in your household, then a parrot is probably not the right pet for you. Special supervision is needed in case children are there in your home -- for both the child's and the bird's safety.

Price Tag

Scarlet Macaws are not that cheap to buy. They can cost you anywhere between $1500 -- $3000. When you add on the cost of the cage, you're looking at a pretty heavy price tag. They require a scheduled veterinarian visit too -- make sure you have a vet in your area who is qualified enough to care for parrots.

Parrots Can Live 40 - 80 Years

Are you prepared for the coming 40 years to take care of your SCARLET MACAW? It's quite a commitment, involves special care and is definitely not meant for everyone. It requires a special sort of pet keeper to own a parrot as they're a special kind of pet.

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