Symptoms of Pregnant Cats

If you have a cat that you suspect may be pregnant, it is important that you find out as soon as possible to make sure your cat gets the proper nutrition and care. If you are uncertain what to look for in symptoms of a pregnant cat, here are some guidelines to help you:

· By week three you may start to notice that the nipples on your cat are enlarged and begin to turn pink in color. You will not be able to see any swelling in her belly area at this time.

· By week four your cat may start to show some swelling in her belly and there will be swelling in her nipples. Her appetite will be increasing as well.

· By week five, you should consult with your vet to determine the proper growth formula. This can ensure that your cat will get the proper nutrition that she needs and keep up with her increased appetite.

· By week six, you will be able to know that your cat is pregnant. You will start to notice changes in her behavior. She will be much more careful in the way that she moves around, she will be avoiding motions that involve stretching and twisting. She will most likely want to remain indoors and her appetite will continue to increase.

· By week seven, the largest symptoms will be her behavior. She will be showing signs of excitement and she will begin to feel the fetus move. She will be rolling and stretching and finding her place to give birth. You should keep your cat indoors at this time.

· By day 61, your cat can go into labor. You will be able to notice this by her growling or purring and being restless. Next, her contractions will begin. They can be every thirty minutes or longer.

It is important that you notice the signs of pregnancy in your cat and give her the care she needs.

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