What does it Cost to Buy a New Hamster?

Have you been thinking about buying a hamster but are unsure of how much it will cost and what it will take to bring your new hamster home? You should be aware of the costs involved with bringing a new hamster home; here are some costs you will incur:

  • Hamster cage – between $10 and $40 dollars. The price you pay depends on the type of cage that you choose and the type of hamster you have. There are wired cages, aquariums and bins. The kind of cage you choose can depend on the size of your hamster. For instance, Syrian hamsters have been known to get stuck in the tubing on some kind of cages so make sure you talk to the salesperson at the pet store to know which kind of cage is best.

  • Bedding – this ranges from $2 to $10 and has various purposes. Bedding lines the floor, it absorbs the odor, and it is where your hamster goes to the bathroom and where your hamster can hide. There are different types to choose from that include wood pulp fiber, recycled newspaper, pellets and aspen shavings.

  • Paper bedding – this is a less expensive option and some hamsters really like it. You can use toilet paper in the cage.

  • Food dishes – these can range from $2-$5 and are a necessity for your hamster. The bottle type is usually the best because your hamster can not spill it and make a mess in the cage. But you do need to place it high enough so that the hamster can not chew on the plastic part.

  • Hamster mix – this ranges from $2.50 to $5 and is the food that you should use for your hamster. Do not buy rabbit mix because it can be toxic to your hamster. You can also feed your hamster fruits and vegetables according to its protein needs.

  • Hamster toys – these can range from $1.50-$30 depending on what kind you want to buy. You should buy your hamster a wheel in order to let him exercise. Hamster balls, tunnels and chew toys are other fun toys that your hamster will like.

  • Hamster books – these range in price and are good to have for your reference. They can be filled with information that can be very helpful to you and your new hamster.

  • This is a good list to help get you started on getting ready to bring a new hamster to your house.

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