Tips for Having a Healthy and Happy Pet Hermit Crab

If you have a hermit crab and you want to keep him healthy and happy, here are some good tips for helping you do that:

· Provide a glass tank or aquarium for your hermit crabs – make sure that it is at least a five gallon tank for one crab, and ten gallon tank for more than one crab. Make sure that you also have a lid for the top of the tank and try to keep the humidity levels at about 70% of the minimum temperature.

· Use a tank heater for your hermit crabs – invest in a good thermometer and a gauge to monitor the humidity levels in the tank and make the changes that are necessary.

· Place about one to two includes of calci sand into the hermit crabs home – keep this sand a little bit moist all of the time.

· Make sure that you provide a fresh bowl of water for you hermit crabs every day - you need to keep the water declorinated and you can purchase the dechlorination tablets at pet stores.

· Buy a variety of shells in various sizes and shapes for your hermit crabs – they like to change into different shells and they molt and grow on a regular basis so it is important that you have large enough shells for them.

· It is not a good idea to keep only one hermit crab – they are very social animals and they live in colonies in the wild so it is best to make sure that they have companions.

· In addition to their normal food, it is a good idea to provide them with a variety of foods like apples, peanut butter, bananas and other foods.

· Have toys for them to play with – hermit crabs love to play and climb so keep a variety of different toys around for them to play with.

Keep your hermit crabs healthy and happy by using these simple tips. You can try different kinds of food and different toys to see what your crabs enjoy the most.

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