How to Toilet Train Your Ferret

Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box just like cats can be trained. They are intelligent animals and prefer to be clean and can pick up the training to use a litter box very quickly. You can begin toilet training your ferret at any time, but it is best to start early. This will enable them to get used to the idea of using the litter box right away before they find other places that they would like to use.

You have probably noticed that your ferret will pick a spot to go to the bathroom, and it is usually in a corner or other private area. Ferrets are not able to relate you punishing them when they do not use their pan by rubbing their nose in it. They do not cover their waste, so when you do get them used to using the litter box, you will have to scoop it out all the time. If you do not keep the litter box clean enough, you will probably find that your ferret will choose to go next to the litter box instead.

When you are starting your toilet training with your ferret, you should put some feces in the litter box and then set him into it next to it. This can help accustom him to what he should be doing in there. You may have to do this a few times, but eventually he should understand what to do in there.

You should avoid using clumping litters. They do not always like the texture of clay litters, and tend to wipe their bottoms of the litter after they use it, clumping litter can stick to them which they do not like. Usually, simply reminding them of where the litter box is is enough to get them to use it. Don’t use litter that is too dusty and omits dust particles as well.

You may need to spend some time working with your ferret to get them to completely become litter trained and used to the litter box, but it can be worth it and you will find it is a lot easier once they are trained to clean and keep your house free from unwanted elimination in hidden areas.

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