How to Train Your Kitten to Use a Litter Box

Most of the time when you have a kitten, they already know how to use a litter box and are familiar with it. But sometimes kittens do not always have the best of litter box habits; here are some ideas to help you develop good litter box habits for your kitten:

· Start litter training your kitten when he is three or four weeks old. They are usually able to train themselves to use the litter box by the time they are a few months old, but if they go to a new home, they may become confused.

· As soon as your kitten eats, place her in the litter box. She can learn to associate the feeling of eating and elimination and develop the reflex to go to the litter box.

· If you find your kitten squatting down in a corner, or sniffing around, pick her up and place her in the litter box before she uses the floor or carpet.

· Keep the litter box close by to where your kitten spends most of her time. They do not have the control that mature cats do, and cannot hold it for a long period of time.

· Don’t put the litter box by her food area, most cats do not like the idea of eating next to where they use the bathroom, if they do not like to use the bathroom by their food, they will find another place to go to the bathroom.

· Try not to put the litter on a carpeted area. The kitten might prefer the texture of the carpet over the texture of the litter.

· Try to avoid cedar-based litters that contain a strong scent. Your cat may not like the smell of the litter and find another place to go to the bathroom.

· Do not use strong smelling cleaners on or around the litter box, cats may not like the scent of the cleaner.

· Keep the litter box clean all the time.

Use these helpful hints to help your kitten successfully become litter trained.

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