How to Take Proper Care for Pet Reptile Baby Bearded Dragon Lizard

One of the most popular kinds of lizards to have as a household pet is the bearded dragon lizard which is native to Australia. One of the reasons the bearded dragon lizard is a popular reptile pet in many homes is because it is docile and has a friendly disposition. It is a very social reptile and has been gracing the storefronts of pet stores all over.

When you adopt a bearded dragon lizard as a new part of your family it is important to know the planning and care that is required having your new pet. Here are some guidelines to follow when you have a new baby bearded dragon lizard:

• Your bearded dragon lizard requires a lot of food in order to keep up with their rapid growth rate. You need to feed your baby dragon at least two to three times a day. Typical food includes crickets, veggies, greens and water. You should feed them in sizes about the size of the distance between their eyes.

• Check your baby dragon for parasites on a regular basis. Even though they are bred in captivity, there is still a chance of them developing a parasite infestation that could come from worms, bugs or crickets.

• Provide enough room for your dragon to grow in. Usually, a ten gallon aquarium is recommended for a new baby bearded dragon lizard and when they grow in size after about six months, you should move up to a twenty gallon tank. When your dragon is fully grown, you should have a fifty gallon tank.

• Make sure that you clean their home on a regular basis. Bearded dragon lizards are messy by nature so you should make sure that their homes are cleaned twice a day. It is not healthy for your dragon lizard to live in a messy or dirty home.

• Provide the right temperature control in the tank. You can do this by using a temperature gradient.

• Provide UV light. The lighting that you use should imitate the sunlight and this can help your baby dragon with their digestion.

• Use paper towels in the bottom of your tank. They are easy to clean with and replace when they are dirty.

• Handle your baby dragon daily. This can help them form a trust with humans and build a bond with you. Gently handle them and never pick them up by grabbing their tails.

Baby bearded dragon lizards can make excellent reptile pets; just make sure that you employ the proper methods for caring for them.

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It is a popular pet i must agree but most people think that the bearded dragon will stay small and it doesnt which is a shame