How to Make Pet Food Your Pets Will Love

There are many kinds of pet food on the market today. Pet stores and other grocery stores carry a wide variety to choose from. But if you want to provide your pets with healthy and nutritious food, you should consider making it yourself. Pet food that you find in the stores contains preservatives and other chemical agents that could be not as healthy for your pets. Making your pets homemade pet food can help keep their food free of chemicals and other harmful agents.

If you want to make your own pet food, the ingredients you will need are meat, green vegetables, grains, starches, milk and fruits. You need to keep in mind that if you do make your own pet food, it is important to keep it stored correctly as it does not contain the preservatives that commercial pet food contains. You need to keep it stored in a clean container and make sure that it sealed. You should always talk to your vet to make sure that you can meet the nutritional requirements of your pets.

When you consult your vet, they can help guide you to choose the right ingredients and amounts of food that your pet needs depending on their age and type of pet. In most commercial pet food there is typically 40 percent meat, 30 percent vegetables and 30 percent starches. Don’t feed your pet’s raw meat because it contains bacteria that can be harmful to your pet.

You should incorporate meats like kidney, liver and heart into your homemade pet food because it can be very beneficial to the health and growth of your pet. You can include blends of rice, carrots and ground turkey in your homemade pet food also. You can make custom made meals for your dog that contain brown rice, ground beef, carrots and yeast. You should also make sure that you alternate the kinds of pet food that you give to your pets.

If you want to add a lot of flavor to the food and ward off fleas, adding garlic can be a great choice. But again, make sure you check with your vet first because spoiled garlic can be toxic. You should also incorporate oatmeal, rice, potatoes and pasta in your homemade pet food. Experiment and try different combinations when you make homemade pet food, and show your pets how much you love them and want to make sure they are healthy.

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