What Pet Fish are the Best Choice for New Pet Fish Owners?

When you are looking for a new pet and decide the best way for you to go is pet fish, what kind are the best? You may not know a lot about what it takes to have pet fish and if you are new to being a pet fish owner, there may be some kinds that are better than others to start out with.

Some of the best types of pet fish for you to try as a beginning pet fish owner are:

  • Betas – these beautiful fish are often displayed in bowls at the local pet stores and have long fins that are shades with blue, purple or red and are very easy to care for. They have to be kept alone in a bowl because the males are known to bitterly fight and there are rarely female fish available in pet stores. Don’t put them with other species of fish either because other fish will nibble on their fins.

  • Goldfish – these are a relatively easy fish to care for as long as you provide them a tank of the right size. They need to have a big enough bowl or aquarium or they will not survive very long. Goldfish are very common pet fish and you should not have more than one or two in the aquarium.

  • Zebra Danios – these pet fish are very hardy and can survive well in any size of aquarium. Being tropical fish, they will need a heater in the tank in order to maintain the water temperature of at least 70 degrees.

  • Platys and Swordtails – these pet fish are in the same category because they are similar in appearance the have basically the same kind of requirements. They are tropical fish and can be found in most pet stores. Their aquariums need to be kept at 72 degree.

  • Corydoras – these pet fish are easy to care for and very active. They are a type of fish that spends most of their time swimming alone in the bottom of the tanks. They are tropical fish and need to have their tanks at 72 degrees.


Anonymous said...

as far as goldfish, you do realize that they can get up to 8-12" long, right? Honestly, with fancy goldfish, you need at least a 20 gallon tank, and I'd personally double that to a 40 wide for one or two "feeder" goldies. I've got 5 in a 100 gallon pond, and they've almost outgrown that.

Saman said...

i have two gold fish and they seem happy and fine in a normal aquarium.I have them since 8 months now and they have not grown much..

arowanafish said...

Nice and informative article~ Keep the posts coming :)