Purchasing a New Baby African Grey Parrot

If you are looking for the best place to purchase a baby African grey parrot, the best place to start is with a breeder of birds or pet store. The African Grey parrot is the most popular of talking parrots and is known for its clean pronunciation and the tones that it can use. It is very intelligent and a sociable bird. African Grey parrots are smaller in size than other kinds of parrots and are an ideal choice to have in your home.

When you find Grey parrots in your pet store, they are typically 12 weeks old and fully weaned. They are strong enough by this age to be able to be handled by people. Before you purchase the bird, make sure that it is tested with a DNA sex test and also is issued a certificate. You may need to ask for a hatch certificate as well. You will want to make sure you collect these details when you bring your new bird home. Make sure you are also familiar with the diet of the grey parrot to make sure you know what kind of food he requires to eat. There should be a list of the types of food and that list should also contain the various plants and poisonous foods that should be avoided.

If you are still uncertain about anything to do with caring for the bird, there are aftercare hotlines and help lines available to assist you. Make sure you obtain those numbers and keep them with you in case you need them. You may want to consider taking out insurance on your grey parrot also. Some breeders will be able to recommend insurance companies that they use that can offer you good rates and proper coverage on your grey parrot.

You can ask the breeder what vet they recommend and use for their grey parrots as well, some areas have a variety to choose from, and while some may not so you want to make sure you are aware of the closest experienced vet when you bring home your new bird. They require focused attention and treatments at times so it is important that you choose the best vet that is available for you. You also want to take that in consideration before you purchase your pet and make sure that you are aware of the costs involved.

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