How to Properly Leash a Dog

You may think that it is not a difficult task to leash your dog. In general it is an easy process, but you should be aware of how to properly leash your dog. A leash is generally a strap or chain that you use to restrain your dog and control them around other people and animals. They can be made of leather, nylon or plastic and should be not easily damaged or won out.

Dogs anywhere in the public should always be kept on a leash. The kind of leash that you use may depend on the kind of dog you have and come in different styles and have different functions. There are retractable dog leashes, leather dog leashes, designer leashes and hands free leashes. One of the best ways to choose the right kind of leash for your dog is by the age of your dog. Adult dogs can suffer from weaker bones and joints while younger dogs are stronger and more playful.

Puppies can become irritated when you use a leash to walk them, so it is advised that you use a harness or collar as well. Older dogs may take longer to get used to wearing a leash and a collar. Be sure to be patient with your puppy when you are training them with a leash and be sure to give them full attention while they are getting used to wearing it. To help prevent your dog from leash irritation, place the collar and the leash on your dog while he is doing something that he enjoys, such as eating or playing. Try to leave it on and let it get used to it.

If you think that your dog is already comfortable with the leash and collar, then you may want to take your dog for a long walk in the park. Follow him around as he walks with the leash on and when he starts to notice it, you can give him a treat or food to help ease him into it.

Learning how to properly leash your dog from the beginning can make for a much more enjoyable time walking them as they get older and they can get comfortable with the leash and sometimes even forget that they have it on while they are enjoying the walk and the outdoors.

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