The Leopard Gecko as a Pet

Leopard geckos can make great pets for reptiles. Anyone from an older child to an adult can enjoy having a leopard gecko. They are among some of the most common household pets because they are small in size, easy to care for and are very clean reptiles.

Leopard geckos can have a typical life span of nineteen to twenty two years. They have a very wide variety of colors and they can grow very used to being handled. Children should always be monitored when handling the leopard gecko because if they frighten the gecko too much, it can cause a lot of stress and fear to the gecko and their tails may fall off.

Leopard geckos also make really good pets because they are easily found at pet stores and you usually can find one right away and walk out with it. If you are hesitant about having a leopard gecko as a pet, you can be assured that is one of the few lizard breeds that are bred in captivity. They are an affordable option to have as a pet and are very beautiful to look at. They come in all different colors, designs and breeds and become very tolerant to being handled.

Leopard geckos are toothless reptiles, so you do not have to worry about them biting. They are generally very non aggressive and typically will not attempt to bite at you. Sometimes when they are babies they may try to bite your finger, but without having any teeth it is not a painful experience. They are great to have around as pets and they are fun to watch and look at. If you spend a lot of time handling them and being around them, they can truly form a trust and bond with you that can last for a long time.

It is important to remember that leopard geckos have a longer life span that a lot of pets so make sure that you are ready to care for them for up to twenty or more years. That is also important to remember if you are getting them as a pet for a child. Make sure that you are ready to spend enough time and commit to the gecko as your pet. They do not require a lot of materials and are an affordable choice to have as a pet.

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